Do free energy generators work?

I have a whole blog dedicated to the Free-Energy Generator debate. You can find it here

Why are some people going out of their way to ridicule green energy technology?

Because it is true.

The US Government has spent years trying to destroy every small green energy company. Here are some of the companies that have been hit hardest:

The following companies have been hit especially hard by the government

As a result of these companies being targeted, many other companies have stepped in to fill the void. I can personally see one that has stepped in to help the world free energy:

And the companies that have been hit are still here – in fact, some have gone out of business. They have been left with few options but to step up their game.

What you can learn from this blog (in just 10 pages)

The most difficult part of creating a free energy system is being able to take the risks and take the risks a company should take in creating a new technology. For this reason, the below free energy blog contains a lot of information. It is written from the perspective of a government-subsidised utility company on its path to destroying the small green energy companies that it has been fighting in court for years and years to remove from the market.

You will also learn a lot at the bottom.

The US Government is a much more sophisticated, much better organized group than most people assume. Read on to learn more details on how they do what they do and how they keep the lights on and clean for all who use it.

What does it mean to be “clean”?

The US Government is trying to get people to pay more for their electricity, and they have decided that we will need to stop using green energy sources.

The US Government says you buy less energy for the same energy costs because it means you have to buy a million more kilowatts of electricity each year.

The US Government says you have no need for air conditioners because you will be cooled by an unlimited supply of new power plants.

The US Government says we are better off with new power plants because we need to import oil.

The US Government’s goal is to stop using renewable energy sources to “save the planet”, so they have made a bunch of decisions based on those goals.

The US Government has been trying to create a monopoly over our energy systems and their actions have led to us being stuck buying our