Did Tesla get free energy?

First. Tesla’s energy technology has made it possible to create energy from very low temperatures — something that could potentially power our houses if the temperature were so cold, or a generator such as the one in the electric car could power a nuclear power plant. But it doesn’t always mean it will be. Tesla says, “We cannot do this for all applications.”

Another example is battery technology. There will be “some times when there could be no need to convert your solar power into electrical energy.” But if we have plenty of electric cars (like the Model S) or there are abundant solar photovoltaic panels that can be used (like in the Solar Roof) then it’s clear that we can make batteries without relying on batteries that we make with the technology Tesla is selling today.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk

What about battery technology for the future?

Musk says to prepare for the future with the help of other sources of energy as well, like nuclear or geothermal energy.

In a recent interview, Musk said: “At least 70 percent of the electricity we need in the future will be 100 gigawatt hours per year — just in power generation.”

He doesn’t elaborate on just how big that will be but there’s no reason you shouldn’t assume it has a lot to do with using the power grid as little as possible.

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We got new info about the new version of the PlayStation 4! It looks kind of like the PlayStation 3 version, except that it’s bigger. As you may have figured out if you have been following last year’s rumor-spewing from the PlayStation Blog, we’ve also had some kind of leaked images of the new PlayStation 4, including some of its innards. And while the PlayStation 4 “looks like a PlayStation 3 or a Vita” when put side by side to the next-generation consoles (which is to say, it doesn’t really matter), there’s definitely still some difference between them.

When looking at it this way, you just might conclude that it’s a downgrade. Well, we won’t know for sure until Sony releases its official announcement. But it wouldn’t be a surprise to think it was more along the lines of a downgrade than what you’re getting right now. Let’s also remember that Sony has made a few software decisions that have made things even more confusing for people used to the PlayStation 3. We’ve heard before that there was a downgrade on PS3, but it’s not clear if