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Tesla’s business model is a perfect storm of innovation, which has the potential to create the next big market in energy and transportation infrastructure. There are just several things it needs to be careful about. Firstly, you have to be very careful when investing in this kind of venture. Elon Musk isn’t the typical venture capitalist, and you better make sure it’s one that you actually have a handle on. He’s very smart, but also very risk averse. He knows that building a car company is a long process, making the first cars takes at least 10 years, and it will take many more before he could release his next car. Secondly, he might be investing in the wrong business model.

In his previous posts that are in the ‘Tech and the Media’ section of Medium we are discussing the potential in investing in Tesla via crowdfunding. A lot of people are asking what would the business look like outside the USA, and there are even some discussions about using the vehicle’s low weight and a very efficient design to make mass production practical.

This would still have to be supported with a lot of engineering, but it’s an interesting idea that could get us a lot closer to Tesla’s vision of an all-electric mass transportation system.

This page describes the steps that are necessary to install the Android SDK.

NOTE: If you would like to help out with development, there is a Google Group for development, open to everyone. Go there!

If you want to install the Android SDK directly without downloading it first, you can use the SDK Manager from the Android SDK Manager page, provided by Android:Tools/SDK Manager .

If you want to know more about the SDK Manager, visit Android:Tools/SDK Manager

We are on the verge of the biggest game-changing announcement in the history of the NBA: a partnership to sell the Phoenix Suns for as much as $1 billion. The owners of “Phoenix Suns” — the only franchise in the NBA that has a professional team in China — have taken a bold step in the direction of Chinese ownership. They will acquire the team and relocate it to Phoenix. No other team in the league has an NBA team and thus no team in China.

That is a massive step — it is a significant strategic shift toward China and the NBA — for a league with no real international presence. If the players can be allowed to vote on the proposal the owners are taking, they will overwhelmingly vote to accept the deal. The vote will take place

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