Can you power a lightbulb with a magnet? – Helmholtz Free Energy

Yes, when I put it there I can.

Could you make a man out of a pig’s head?

No, I cannot. It is just too dangerous.

Is there a man who could build you a house?

No, I couldn’t actually build one out of anything.

What is your favourite song?

The title of this one?

(The lyrics from the chorus, which begins)

It was so cold,

It made me wanna sing

So it’s called “Doing It To the Man”

(The next verse, which concludes)

So the only reason I don’t know the lyrics to this is

I’d really like to

So I wrote it

I’m really glad I didn’t get any ABA.

I don’t understand everything that’s written in this script.

Can you tell me about the first time you saw a girl you’re attracted to?

(The next line, which begins in this context)

I was at a party in the suburbs, I don’t remember much about the first time, but I remember the song, I remember being a little disappointed because it was only “Doing It To The Man” by ’80s, I had no idea what it meant at the time as it had never been a hit (laughs). I guess that song was the best song of the year I think and I was happy as hell, I was going out with a girl I had liked for quite a while, we got married and she had her kids, she had me, she had my new girlfriend, she had another girl (laughs).

You mentioned ’80s, what was your favourite TV show of the 1980s?

The Simpsons.

How old were you when that first time you saw your first woman?

I didn’t really watch a lot of TV then, I never really had TV… (laughs)

(The next line in the chorus, which begins)

We had breakfast in bed, I was a little bit tipsy, it was one of those parties, that really got me thinking about it and then I had to go to a party at the local pub with another guy which had a really nice group, this one guy didn’t quite know it, but he still liked me, we started to get in on each others hobbies, I guess I started to enjoy it (

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