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A: If you want to make it last two weeks, or five weeks, or whatever, you won’t have to worry about that.

Q: Which animal makes the best bed?

A: The wolf.

Q: Where does a cat sleep?

A: Inside a box.

Q: The man who lived behind the shed says cats eat the garbage. What do you believe?

A: They’ve got the advantage that they could have a meal before they’re full of waste.

This is a list of known locations in various areas that are known to contain a few minor NPCs.

The following list is mostly taken from “Vacation in a Manger” by Michael T. Connelly. The location of this page can be found on the page for that book. See also this article in its own link page.

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Towns are notable for being full of people, shops and the occasional barbershop. The town of Taverley, in particular, was a major trading and mining city around the time of the Second Age. During the Third Age, when the people of Taverley moved back across the river, it became the center of the town, along with the Taverley market and the Taverley Market of Magic. They also have a variety of shops that sell things such as food, drinks, weapons and more.

Forts were once held by the dragon Orthrus, who was also known as The Dragon Queen. They had been defended and fortified by the dragon clan since it’s construction in the Second Age, but when the Taverley people left to go live the life of the elves, the fort was left alone. However, the dragons are now extinct and a new dragon has been seen patrolling the area.

A small farm in the village of West Ardougne was once a farm that belonged to some of the older dwarves and elves that lived in Taverley before the move to the town. The dwarves were killed off in the War for Dawn, or so the story goes, and the elves disappeared into the countryside. In order to preserve the farms they did something strange. They used the wood in those farms to build a new fort in the nearby wooded area, and the result was a beautiful walled castle, protected by the dragon clan. Later, during the Second Age, the fortress was used to train a team of goblins

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