Why does Shakira belly dance? – Where Do Belly Dancers Originate From

When did she become known as Shakira?

When she was 12 years old, Shakira went to the gym with her trainer to practice her dance. The gym owner asked her to do a belly dance, so she did. He then asked her to do it again, in the same position. And again, just as she was getting into her stride, the owner screamed that she was too old.

The owner was right.

When Shakira was 14 the trainer said, “Shakira, I want you to do a belly dance while I take pictures of you.” Shakira didn’t believe him, so the trainer gave her a small camera, and asked her to pose for photos.

Then Shakira asked the owner to help her dance the dance again, but she was too tired to move. She asked to take a step, and the trainer said, “Just take another step. Move forward. You can stay on the right side.”

The owner grabbed her and shook her. She told him, “I can’t” – “I can’t” – “just take another step. I’ll hold your leg.” She asked why he was shaking her, and the trainer said, “Because you’re a dancer and I’m a trainer.” Shakira told him that she was a dancer, and he told her to be a trainer because he’s going to be taking pictures.

When Shakira wasn’t happy with the position she was in, the trainer told her to do the belly dance again. She said no, but she was too tired to move. He said, “Just do one more thing.” Shakira asked why he was shaking her, and he said, “Because you’re a dancer and I don’t want to look at you!”

He told her to take another step. She said no, but she wasn’t in trouble. The trainer said, “You can do one more thing, but you’d better do it right now, because I’m going to take photos.” He grabbed her by the waist and held it there, while holding her left leg. The trainer said, “You can only go so far without breaking this.” He told her that his wife wanted pictures; the father of her children wanted pictures.

As a dancer and musician, she could see that the trainer’s intentions were good, but they were also not good business practices. When she refused to be a photographer, she got in trouble, and the photographer lost money. At that

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