Why does Shakira belly dance? – Belly Dancing Outfit

Shakira, 33, who is of African descent, often wears a belly dancing costume. She also enjoys using the dance as a way to get closer to people.

“It’s a dance,” Shakira told People magazine. “You come up to people and dance around. It’s a little bit of comfort, a little bit of relaxation and a little bit of fun.”

Do you eat a banana while dancing?

During her performance at the Met Gala, Shakira got a little snack: a banana. She then offered it to guests, who quickly devoured it. (It wasn’t clear at the time if she had any actual banana in her hand or the banana was something she had placed on a table.)

Is she good friends with President Barack Obama?

The two reportedly have a great relationship. The two were photographed together last year at an event in Mexico City. They attended the same wedding and also have both won the Grammy Awards for Album of the Year and Record of the Year.

She’s on tour in Europe and the U.S. and will hit the road for the first time Sept. 14 in England. She is the most successful pop star of the first half of the century, and her hit “Diamonds” has been certified platinum.

The first week of the NHL’s regular season is here. After nine years of waiting, now comes the time to decide what teams in the conference are worthy of your respect and loyalty.

The NHL will close out the regular season on Monday with two more teams coming off of their last series and will try to get everyone to move past the playoff frenzy and find some level of normalcy around that time. For any fans who were wondering what this schedule will look like, here’s a rundown of the teams’ current record.

The NHL will finish the regular season with six teams left in the playoffs in the Western Conference:

Dallas Stars (16-8-2) at the Colorado Avalanche

Colorado Avalanche (16-5-4) at the Los Angeles Kings

Los Angeles Kings (17-6-2) at the Detroit Red Wings

St. Louis Blues (16-5-1) at the Calgary Flames

St. Louis Blues (14-12-2) at the Los Angeles Kings

Pittsburgh Penguins (16-7-2) at the Minnesota Wild

New York Islanders (14-15-2) at the Winnipeg Jets

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