Who invented breakdancing? – Ancient Egyptian Belly Dancing Music

What was the first person to use break dancing?

The reason why I love breakdancing is that it’s a combination of two things that used to be done separately. Break dancing is the original “yoga” dance and the same idea of “yoga” dance is being used in break dancing.

How does break dancing compare to yoga?

It’s completely different because break dancing is all about movement. Yoga requires you to sit up straight, close your eyes and try to focus on the movement rather than the position of body and the muscles surrounding that body part. In break dancing, the body in general is motionless as long as there is no movement being done. If you’re moving around, you will move around as well. In break dancing, it’s the whole body doing the movement rather than just one part being in motion. This makes break dancing more physical for the body. The movements are more fluid, which is why you have more fluidity.

How is break dancing different from jiu-jitsu?

Breaking, while being a different art, is the same art. You can do anything with jiu-jitsu. In break dancing, instead of having someone push you into the ground, you use techniques with people close to you to get your energy up and into the air. The energy you release depends on what moves you make. If you do a long, deep stretch, you will let out more energy as opposed to what you can perform with a single movement.

How is break dancing different than hip hop?

Break dancing as a style isn’t necessarily so much a hip hop style as it is a style of dancing, and break dance is more of a style of dance, not a style of music. Hip hop style of music, like hip hop, is about flow, and that’s what you do with break dancing.

How can I get into break dancing?

You have to do it. There are no “good ones” to start out with. It takes a lot of practice. You will work on breaking new moves and gaining energy to keep moving and adding more energy to it. But don’t get discouraged if you don’t get it. It’s not just you.

Can break dancers get involved in any fighting games?

Not at first. It’s a whole different sport from what they do in real life, but it’s an idea of being in a competitive arena. That’s how I understand it

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