Who invented breakdancing? – Amazing Belly Dance

A: According to his Wikipedia page he was born and raised in England and spent a lot of time dancing as a boy.

He met a woman while attending the Royal Academy of Music in London in the 1950s who introduced him to breakdancing in the 70s while he was studying for a BA at Cambridge University.

He moved to Hollywood and began to teach himself to dance, with a particular focus on the rhythm of the dancers as “the first method to develop and express that movement in the most efficient way”.

When he moved to New York in 1975 he helped found the first commercial breakdancing troupe called “Dance Factory” and soon he was offering classes to the dancers of various nightclubs, like Frankie Laine’s nightclub “The End”.

He also wrote his own repertoire which he brought out for the clubs and his popularity grew.

When he had a serious accident in 1983, while practicing his craft at home and had to have a shoulder replaced, everything seemed to get a whole lot easier for him and he was a celebrity at that point in time.

In 1987 he and a group of dancers broke the world record “for the best dance in a stadium” with a performance by dancehall singer DJ Tiesto’s band “Breakdancing and Dancing”.

Did you know … the first breakdancing competitions started when DJ Lill Wayne went to Mexico for one in 1977

A lot of dancers are famous for their first breakdance attempt. It usually starts with a lot of moves and is followed by a long back and forth between the dancer and the beat. It usually ends in a back and forth and an awkward dance. But as it gets more powerful, more moves are added to the dance, which makes it look more beautiful. People do some versions of this dance for everything, but it is the ones that are the most popular all around the world.

What is your favorite breakdancing event?

A: I like to see the dancers get into an incredible rhythm and I like to observe them get more and more excited for the next move – sometimes even while still on their feet.

B-E-R: A lot of people are really looking forward to seeing the new one, so it makes you excited!
Inside me -hiprolling and belly dancing. - YouTube

What is your favorite style of breakdancing?

A: This is one of my favorite styles of breaking. If I am going to breakdance, I would rather see a

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