Who invented breakdancing?

No. But you can imagine that someone could if they didn’t have to make an effort to avoid being beaten up, or having their clothes stolen, or getting mugged. If someone decided to learn about breakdancing at 15, they’d be in quite a different position compared to a 20-year-old who doesn’t get into street dancing until later in life; a 20-year-old who hasn’t been involved with street dance culture at all is probably not going to do the research.

The most common explanation for why someone doesn’t actually know breakdancing is because they’ve never seen anyone doing it, and thus can’t really explain. In all likelihood, the guy with the red jacket is going to be much younger when he gets there, as he’s already on the way up through the entertainment industry.

The same theory holds true for people who think breakdancing is really bad. I’m not going to be surprised if the first thing that comes to people’s minds when they hear about street dance culture is that it’s not good for their knees or ankles to be sweaty. But I’m pretty certain that at least some of the time when the subject of street dancing comes up, the person who’s not into street dancing comes up with the following explanation:

I grew up in a mostly non-street-dance family, so I never really watched much television, even while living in New York City, until I got to college. My father was a carpenter, so he made the family’s living playing in a band and working in the garage at night. We didn’t have any money that was ever really substantial when I was a kid. If you don’t have a lot of money, you don’t get much to look at in the TV set. I was fascinated with the music of the day, and it was the music of these old guys who didn’t make a lot of money that really fascinated me.

These same people also say they don’t know anything about it. When someone says “I don’t know anything about it,” don’t let them get away with it. It’s not enough that they have no idea what break dancing is; they have to say they don’t know what break dancing is. When you look at the whole group of people, the one that has to tell you they don’t know anything is probably not the one who knows a lot, and the one that knows a lot is probably not the one who’s been dancing in the