Who created hip hop? – Belly Dancing Controversy

Kanye, with the words ‘Don’t fuck with me’ and a little video like the ‘Pillow Talk’ song, but also ‘All of the Lights’ by Kendrick Lamar; and who invented the song ‘Crazy’ by Big Sean, and who just recently got the opportunity to be the biggest artist on the planet?

I have heard it said in many places that it is a waste of time to try to understand and learn from the various approaches to the philosophy of Islam because the majority of them lack anything at all to do with the fundamental principles of Islam, and so are simply mere expressions of popular opinion. This view is, to put it simply, erroneous.

Islam is one of the oldest forms of thought in the world, and it has been adopted by so many civilizations, from the Babylonian, Persian, Greek, and Christian traditions, to the United States and Australia, where we have a whole range of Islam-themed religions and cultural products. Islam, in all of its forms, has always found its way into every society and culture that it has been implemented; its fundamental principles are universal and timeless.

Even if you don’t realize this, some people do. They simply repeat slogans that have no basis in Islam or Islamic principles. One of the most infamous examples of such slogans is that we are “backwards” in Islam.

To begin with, Islam has nothing to do with backwards or backwards ideas. Islam does not have any “backwards beliefs,” or “backwards ideas,” or other such phrases that people throw around to suit their own purposes.

If they had just said this, they might have been right — or at least more right than some people are at times — but they would still have missed the point of the Quran. I will let the Quranic words speak for themselves:
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“The Truth (of Allah) has not come to mankind except through the Messengers (Muhammad) and the believers … the Book is the truth and the guidance, and all that exists is a reflection of it; verily the Sun of Divine Guidance is the Sun of Unity; it is a luminous and wondrous lamp and illuminating every thing; [its] brightness is visible for all who reflect (on it), and its light, verily, is the lamp of Unity and the guidance that guides mankind.” [Surah 2:156-157]

The Quran then goes on to say this:

“But He is Oft-Forgiving

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