Who created hip hop? – Ballet Dance Drawing

Syd Matters, by J. Cole. He didn’t have to think very hard to have that thought. It could have been from the soundtrack. Like “Ain’t Nothing Like The Feeling (Intro)” from J. Cole’s “The Heart Break.” There is an intro by an electronic dance duo, which sounds more like an underground beat than anything else. There is an instrumental by the electronic sound and it’s the closest thing to an underground hip hop song we have.

“The Feeling” – The King of Swing

He said it in his “The Story of J. Cole” video.

When you are a young nigga in high school, you see Jay-Z. Then you see J-Cole. You hear them rappers all around. You grow up with it and you don’t think twice about it. You are thinking you have to learn how to rap, how not to rap, how not to be vulgar, all these things, and you go through a lot. You just come out in your sophomore year and you get to do some big, international thing. It just came natural to you. That’s when I started doing these videos.

How can you help?

People don’t get to see real Hip Hop artists like me, which is why I’ve made the videos. I see myself that way right now, and I never really saw myself that way coming up. I can be what I want to be and do what I want to do but until I see the world, I don’t know if I’m going to get what I really want from Hip Hop. It’s too much.

What do you say to fans who criticize your videos and you don’t listen to what they are saying?

I’ve heard that before. “Hip Hop isn’t what it used to be.” “Hip Hop never stopped being.” That’s why I don’t listen to what people are saying. To me, Hip Hop is just as much a movement as any other thing. But people say that to me but I don’t even listen to what they say. I don’t really hear what they say.

We live in a world today where the culture we came from and the way we live is disappearing. We live in a world where we’re having to listen to everything and not just being able to have a conversation because it’s such a big deal. It used to be that you could just come up and talk about all these stuff,

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