Which country is famous for belly dance? – Belly Dancing Youtube Video

The answer: South Korea. And the people of the country have been dancing their way to becoming a fashion icon.

We took a closer look.

First, how did the belly dance come to be?

In the 1960s, an art movement was sparked in Japan, the country that would become famous for being the birthplace of the atomic bomb. Its leader was Shin Shoko, who wanted to unite the Japanese people with a new, modern way of worshiping and dancing, the so-called kabuki. A group of students took up the art, and they started a movement known in Japan as the izakaya, which translates as “kabuki dance group.”

They called their dance The Heart of the Sea, a name that has stuck and is now used to describe an entire art movement.

As part of the movement, they wore long dresses that were made from a sea-colored cloth and featured a sea-fish motif — and then, to prove it was something special, they started to dance the heart of the sea.

Eventually, kabuki artists realized there was something special about the traditional Chinese folk dance Tai Chi. So they adapted it and the name of their dance: belly dance.

There are at least 11 different versions of belly dance today.

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