What is the meaning of belly dancing? – Belly Dancing Classes For Beginners

It is dancing in the middle of a crowd and in front of the crowd, because the people there need to see the dancers and have a good view on the choreographer.

What am I dancing? Dancing in front of the crowd, in front of me as the person. I just want to be there, I don’t want to be out of sight or in some weird shadow. It is the person. To be visible and to be connected with them.
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Do I need to be beautiful? Absolutely. I am beautiful just the way I am. I dance around the stage and the dancers I am with are dancing towards me, because I am theirs. I am theirs, so it is the same.

What can you do to ensure you can dance well in public?

Watch your hips and shoulders. If your hips and shoulders are loose, your belly won’t hold. If your belly gets too tight, it will start to sway like a pendulum. This is an indication that you are not having the right posture when you dance.

Are the audience members your friends? No. Are they the people you want to dance with and have fun with? Absolutely.

What do the dance moves look like? What choreographer do I see? I watch my dance teacher/mentor as he prepares, he teaches me the moves, he prepares me to dance and he prepares me to be in front of the audience.

Why am I doing this? Because this is my community, and my community needs to see me dancing in front of people who make me feel beautiful. This is my people.

How does this dance make me feel? It feels like a warm blanket or a soft, comforting pillow. When I dance, I feel like I am holding you close, like I am your friend or like I am your lover. When I dance, I feel the whole body swaying and the whole body shaking and the whole body falling at the same time. When I dance, the entire body moves forward and backward. When I dance, I feel love and tenderness. When I dance, I feel beautiful.

How long have you been doing belly dancing? I started doing it when I was just 14. I have kept doing it for years, because I love it.

How many years have you been doing belly dancing? The longest time I have been doing belly dancing is 14 years. I started in kindergarten and I have been doing it since I was 8.

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