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What if I say I have this and I have that?

A. I don’t have a belly dancer, right?

B. What’s the difference between a belly dancer and a yoga instructor?

C. What does belly dancer have for dessert?

The Bottom Line

I’m glad that you asked. I’ve been thinking about eating at establishments that don’t serve alcohol, but I had just gotten an email that told me that I really shouldn’t. The other day I had a very good conversation with a restaurant owner at the grocery store who told me he was trying out a drink special at his location for the weekend, and he suggested I check a “pitch place” to see what to drink. I’m a little shocked that he thought I deserved some sort of special treatment, but I knew that if this place was special, I deserved to have my choices treated in a special way.

The most important thing is to think of your preferences, not just the place that’s offering you something that’s right for you. But if you need some ideas, check out this article.

Huge crowds of children gathered at a park near the White House in Washington, D.C., Tuesday night as one group of protesters held up signs that read “No Trump/Ban,” while another group shouted “Not my president” during an event calling for the president’s removal from office.

A protest by more than 200 members of Students for a Democratic Society, also known as Antifa, was slated for the park outside the White House before the protest shut down around 10:30 p.m. Officials at the park initially said only a few members of Antifa gathered but later said that the protest also included members of the Traditional Republican Youth Association and the Republican Women’s Club.

There were also several groups who marched toward the White House, including several groups that said they had ties to radical activism and the white nationalist movement.

A group of women wearing masks carried a banner through front doors of the White House, chanting, “White women united.”

“What is happening here is a direct challenge to the democratic government we all fought to create,” said one woman holding up a sign that said “Not my president.”

A third woman in the crowd said, “I can show you my face.”

The incident comes as members of the white nationalist and alt-right groups have been emboldened by the Donald Trump election and the president-elect’s willingness

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