What is the latest dance move?

The ‘newbie’ dance move is the ‘Hulkbuster’, which takes a few seconds to get used to. Basically the wrestler puts his head into something (usually the back of the cage) and tries to bring himself back to his feet without getting slammed into a spinning disk on the floor. It’s one of those rare dance moves with almost no wasted motion.

How do you do it?

Most people will hold on to this thing against their legs and pull hard, but the trick is to keep your head out of the way as much as you can while spinning. In the next 10 minutes your body will thank you with all its endurance.

Why don’t I get it?

You got spanked!

It’s also the name of an exercise class at the gym.

Where’s my seat?

You should make it to the back row.

How do you do these splits?

There’s nothing like a split! You can use them for all sorts of moves (including ‘squat-busting’ splits), but be careful you don’t get hit by the spinning disk.

What about this thing called ‘The Triple Choke’?

The Triple Choke’s name is probably the best approximation for what it was really about. The wrestler is brought around and slammed into the bottom of a huge steel chair, usually with little to no room for recovery. He is then forced to hold on to a ladder with his legs and hips, or try to jump off the top. Depending on the size of the table, the wrestler may get a full-body chop, or his arm will probably be hooked in the air for a solid minute.

Can I do ‘The Triple Choke’ without being slammed into a huge giant metal chair?

No, that’s what all the videos are about! See what I mean?!

What? How long has it been called that?

The name originally came about as a result of a wrestling match in the 1970s. A guy was trying to get the victory for his team. When that was refused, he decided that he should try to get out when everybody else was getting hit. His plan worked, and the fight had the name Triple Choke.

Can someone get in the ring and kick a guy while he’s being carried through his opponent’s legs?

Well, technically yes, you’ve just got to get close enough. But it requires an expert