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Raskol is an ancient word that appears in the Old Tongue and is part of the Germanic vocabulary.

“The word literally means ‘Raksine'”


What is a Rektori?

Rekhtori is a word used to represent the meaning of the rakturi, a sort of cross between a medieval knight and a dragon that has been in Norse mythology for ages.

“For instance a Rekhtori was a knight or warrior of the Nordic races. One could not just ‘walk on water’ if he were a Rekhtori.”

From the Wikipedia:Norse Mythology

What is Rokushin?

Rokushin is a word that can translate as Dragon-slayer. It is a name given to a very rare ancient warrior.
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From the Wikipedia:Siberian mythology

What is Rokushin-ryu ?

“Rokushin-ryu is a martial art of Japanese martial arts originating from Russia. It is often referred to as a ‘Dragon Arts.’ The art originated from the martial arts of the Koryo family and was taught by the famous Kotei master, Yamashita Ryokan .

“Rokushin-ryu has many similarities to many traditional forms of Japanese karate.”


What is a Rokushin-ryu Black Belt?

Rokushin-ryu Black Belt is the highest ranking in a Rokushin karate program. The highest level is known as “White Belt”. Many students of this level train exclusively in the Rokushin karate style until they reach the highest of levels.

“Some students of rank above Rokushin-ryu black belt train mainly in the traditional forms of karate such as Shuri, Hakko, etc. Rokushin-ryu Black Belt is commonly found at the highest levels, and does a good job of teaching you all its skills.”

Wikipedia:Rokushin-ryu Black Belt

What is the word Rokushidari ?

The word Rokushidari is derived from the word Rokushin (Dragon) and means Black Warrior.

“Rokushidari is a term of honor bestowed upon those who train in a spirit of the dragon,” Wikipedia:Spirit of the Dragon

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