What is hip hop dance style? – Authentic Egyptian Belly Dance Costumes

“Hip hop dance style is any style of dance with an emphasis in rhythmic movements. In order to dance, hip hop dance styles require great energy and a high level of physical talent. All of these factors lead to a variety of styles. Hip hop dance styles range from dance and music videos, to hip hop songs, to dance performances and music videos. Hip hop dance styles were most popular in the 80s and can be found in many American cities. Hip hop dance styles have become a staple feature of popular music. This is partly due to a huge variety of rappers that can do all kinds of hip hop dance moves.

What is hip hop dance style in the modern age

Despite hip hop dance styles being so popular, the styles are so different from other dance styles, there are often not many similarities in both style and movement. This leads to a style called disco hip hop. It started to be popular during the 80s with many hip hop dancers having been inspired by the hip hop music. The dance styles are so different from other dance styles due to the fact that one style is often used much more than the other in dance performances. Another difference is that hip hop musicians often have similar dance styles to create an interesting song. A very popular dancer in this era, was The Who’s Pete Townshend.

How is hip hop dance style different to traditional dance styles?

As with other dance styles, a dancer is usually dancing at a high level of coordination using much of their body power. They use their arms and legs as often as possible, usually with the hip flexors rather than their front arms and legs. To move the dance moves from hip hop style is a lot tougher, for example when dancing in a traditional dance the body is always in motion to go up and down and also the hands stay on the ground. When dance is done in hip hop style, there are no body or joints to stay in motion as it was in traditional dance. The most common type of dance moves in hip hop style are:

1. Pogo moves – these are very strong body movements with a high range of energy.

2. Slide moves – also known as backbends, rollbacks, or back to the hip.

3. Sidebend, or side kick – These typically involve both the front legs and the hands being straight out towards a vertical axis.

4. Step up and step down – These move have the same high energy and low energy characteristics

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