What does belly dance do for your body? – Ghawazee

It increases your core, core musculature, blood flow, blood pressure; it strengthens your legs, shoulders, back, quads, hamstrings, and glutes and also helps you lose bodyfat. How much money can you make when you do belly dance?

Belly dancing can make you $1,500 per week in total, so at $1,500 you can make $2,500+ per month.

What is belly dance for?

Your body is made up of four main cells/compartments of your body; The Liver, Adrenal, Gluteals, and Core. When you dance to “Rufus the Raging” you will be increasing and toning these different parts of your body and increase your life-sustaining resources for your body’s function. It is like a huge injection of life-giving energy to your body which will be so beneficial for your body to see!

Belly dance helps you not only burn calories, but also has numerous health benefits. To learn more about the health benefits and benefits of belly dance and how to perform it safely click here or head over to this post here.

Belly dance is a fun, safe and non-judgmental way to let loose and build confidence. If you don’t know or don’t know how to do belly dancing, then this video tutorial by Tony Marnell, a founder of and world renowned belly dancers demonstrates the safe, fun and non-judgmental way.

I highly recommend it for anyone to learn.

I learned to do belly dance in December 2003 and have been doing it ever since. I love it and it has made me feel less like an athlete and more at home in my own body. I look good in my belly (and no, this does not mean the way that I look in the gym). I am looking forward to my next challenge and it just may be with belly dancing.
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