What does belly dance do for your body? – Bedlah

You may be on the wrong track.

Belly dancing can be fun on the surface but, as an exercise it can have a negative impact on the way you look and feel, and even your mood. It may increase your risk for depression and reduce your energy levels. And the same can be said for any physical activity like biking or hiking that you don’t enjoy.

Even the kindest souls who are happy for children to be healthy know that this is part of their childhood. That’s not to diminish the importance of healthy foods or exercise. But if you are going to be spending time with your kids and not taking part in the most natural and joyful thing that you can do, then take the time to understand the risks.

The risks are that you may find yourself overdoing the moves, or making fun of the body that you love because you’re not as close to it.

Another concern is that belly dancing will reduce your focus on self-care. That sounds like a small concern, but it’s actually pretty significant if you’re talking about how your mind and your body may be working differently.

Our minds and bodies work together to maintain our consciousness as well as our physical health. When you’re busy with work and other activities that are draining, these subtle changes can take a toll.

Another issue with belly dancing and belly dancers is that you’ll be exposing your kids to sexual activity in an environment that does not feel safe to them, especially those who want to do it alone.

There are also some concerns that come with just going in public with your kids. There’s an inherent risk in the body that you have little understanding of. It’s important to protect your children’s health and well-being, so it may be best not to put yourself in a situation where you can’t feel secure in your skin.

Bottom line: When you go to the gym and you have belly dancers, do to yourself the only thing you know that you are capable of: keep healthy, and exercise as much as you possibly can.

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