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The official website for the anime adaptation of Takahashi’s novel Rikaichan Shōjo Rika Sōsuke no Shōjo (Rikaichan Sōsuke’s School Reunion Grows from Friends) released a short promotional video on Thursday showcasing scenes from character designs for Rikaichan’s childhood friend Satoru Konomi ( Hetalia: Axis Powers ) and the new character Utsuro ( Bleach ), the new “senpai” who will accompany Rikaichan and Rikaichan’s classmate Sotokai ( Gakuen Alice ), and one of the main cast members from the novel, Riko ( Kiznaiver ), as a newlyweds couple with a child together.

The video also featured the promotional photo for Utsuro’s appearance in the anime.

Rikaichan Sōsuke no Shōjo Rika Sōsuke no Shōjo (Rikaichan’s School Reunion Grows from Friends) will premiere on July 2 at 24:30 (effectively July 4), and will be available in theaters. The anime will also stream on MBS , BS11 , and TV Aichi .

The official website had added an English dub on Friday.

The staff is:

Tatsuhiko Matsuda ( Psycho-Pass episode director, Kiznaiver: Riddle in the Asahi Castle ) is handling series composition and Atsushi Ikegami ( Psycho-Pass anime director and chief animation director, Gakuen Alice ) is handling the series composition. Kenji Yano ( Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood episode director, Fullmetal Alchemist: The Sacred Star of Milos ) is handling the series layout and Hiroshi Ishiguro ( Blood Blockade Battlefront movie director and main character designer, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Destiny film director) is directing the series.

The cast includes:

Rikaichan’s childhood friend Satoru Konomi is a girl-at-arms who always has trouble remembering her real name. She always talks about Rikaichan and her family, especially her grandmother Riko, and her older brother, Utsuro, although she