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In The Black Box of Consciousness, he tells their story of being trapped in a digital time machine by being sent to a world populated by digital zombies.

Tiny Mix Tapes

It wasn’t long after the first ever Tiny Mix Tapes, a collaboration between producer Zomboy and DJ Sneak, that I discovered Zomboy as just another DJ in a genre of my own creation, that of hip-hop. Since then, I’ve gone on to produce and mix over 20 tracks to help showcase these releases.

From the first Tiny Mix Tapes, I was attracted to Zomboy’s mix style, which was at once a mix of dubstep and hip-hop, but was never really captured on a track. It seems strange, given this track was so highly praised by many, why we couldn’t find a proper remix from him for a long time.

I was lucky enough to receive a copy from Zomboy himself, giving me the opportunity to remix this track and create a complete new take on the track.

The result was incredibly hard to put down, and I am very happy to finally say that there is something completely new with this track at the end of the day.

I don’t think it’s possible for most of us to make a track as powerful and unique as this, but I couldn’t not give it a go…

All of the tracks available for download below are available in the US as a full release. I do have some bonus tracks, however, I will be selling some of these as singles through Beatport’s Mixcloud in the very near future. I haven’t decided where the proceeds from all of these will go, but I will probably give some money to a good cause.

If you would like to purchase the album for your own release, you can do so through Beatport (available as a FULL release) as well as Bandcamp. We are doing this as a reward for the fans who have backed me in this project, with the hope of helping with these tracks becoming more popular and reaching further afield.

Zombie’s new record, ‘It’s Time 2 Die’, has never been easier to have on the dancefloor or on the record player with just a few clicks. Zomboy has taken his sound to next level and is producing some of the finest remixes in the world right now, which is certainly something I’m glad to see.

Zombie recently featured in our latest video as

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