Is Waacking hip hop?

I mean, do they have their own music videos?

A. Yes they do.

Q. Have you done a song with Waacking?

A. No, I don’t do any type of music video with them right now.

Q. Do you have a song in the works?

A. Oh yeah, we have a song right here. We’ll be in the studio with Waacking soon.

Q. Any plans to release a music video from your group?

A. Sure man, we will! A music video for each song! I’ll have the song come out soon!

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Q. When did you guys form The Wack Crew?

A. We’ve been working with The Wack Crew since we were 14 years old. We started doing music together in 2007 when I was 16 years old. That’s the beginning of our career.

Q. What made you decide to call yourself Wack Crew?

A. Just like any other group there’s a lot of people coming in. A lot of people are talented and trying to do a lot of different things, but there’s also people that are just trying to do something themselves. I want people to know that we are from a place of hard work and perseverance with some of the hardest people I’ve had the opportunity to work with.

Q. Your group has a pretty diverse skill set. How did that come about? How are those abilities contributing to the group?

A. We are talented in so many different areas. I believe that our diversity is a strength because it makes us more versatile. The more skillful the group, the more diverse and creative they become.

Q. Do you have any influences outside of rap?

A. Honestly, I really just listen to music and talk about music all the time. As a musician it’s always a lot of music in my house in the car. I feel like rappers will do a song and come up with 10 different versions. For The Wack Crew we all just started off making our own songs and trying to make them our own. It’s just a good way to make ideas and work with the people we like. A lot of times a musician will throw out one version of something to see what you think of it. You just kind of pick up everything and see where the ideas go. It’s a lot of work. We also make fun stuff. A lot of our songs involve