Is hip hop a culture?

Is it a set genre of music, or is it more like a collection of styles? Do you see hip hop as becoming a new genre, or simply as another musical genre?

Hip hop is a style of music, and as a cultural group, it really isn’t a question of “if” or “where.” There is a huge amount of overlap between all rap music, but we haven’t been able to truly understand that overlap because of the way the genre is currently defined. The music created and performed by hip hop artists will always be seen through one eye: the eye of the producer or engineer. That’s true of any type music, but what makes hip hop a unique genre is the fact that its artists play multiple roles, whether it be as musicians/rappers, producers, singers, rappers… the list goes on and on.

Is New York City a part of the hip hop culture? I think it is, and there is an amazing amount of diversity among New York.

Is there culture in the South?

Not as much as the East Coast, and not as much as the West Coast.

Are there other regional and ethnic groups of artists?

Hip hop is most definitely one of many genres. But it’s just as much a part of a larger cultural area — the music is unique and diverse.

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Bike Box and Cycling and the Environment

The City of Winnipeg supports the goals of the City’s Green Lane Master Plan from a number of perspectives. The City supports the goals of the City’s Green Lane Master Plan from a number of perspectives. The City has created this document for you to review and/or comment on. With new developments such as the City of Winnipeg Bikeshare and Pedestrian Bridge, we have added additional information below so it is more easily accessible. Please contact 311 or 613-580-1118 to get in touch with a staff member.

“Cycling and the Environment”
Egyptian Professional Belly Dance Costume -

This is a guide to the goals of the City’s Green Lane Master Plan.

In order to create a healthy, efficient and beautiful urban environment – a City of Winnipeg Plan aims to provide a green environment where people can walk, cycle and drive without experiencing traffic or discomfort. The plan also aims to promote and protect the environment through improved public space and use of natural buffers and vegetation including trees, shrubs