Is hip hop a culture? – Dancing Girl Drawing

For starters, this is not an issue that is primarily limited to hip hop. I have known some hip hop artists that were not into art because it was seen as being an alternative. These are my personal concerns, though. As a whole, we are in this space to enjoy each other’s work, to have fun and have life experiences. My own personal passion is for a new and original medium. There is no other in this space that is as accessible and exciting as live music, and it has the potential to offer so much more than any other medium. I believe if something is successful, the entire industry will change around it. The goal of all artists is to create something that is successful, whether it is a commercial success or no one knows, whether it is a mainstream success or not, I believe there is something unique and important that one can discover through this medium.

What is the relationship between hip-hop and psychedelics?

I think it is important to distinguish the two. Hip-hop and psychedelics have a great and fruitful relationship, not just as it relates to art and culture. As is common knowledge, there is a lot of overlap between these two genres. I like to think the music is the foundation to the culture and as a result, in their own way, the two are very much at home in this same context. I often tell folks that we are not here as the hippies and we are here, not as the ravers, and we are here as the creative types that want to make something that is different. It is true that there is a lot of history behind the music, but there is a lot of inspiration behind the music and I enjoy that. It makes me feel proud to be connected to many of the different ideas that permeate my music, but not just from a personal perspective. I am always looking to improve myself, to work on my skills and to improve my own craft.

Where does hip-hop stand to psychedelics?

I think it is true that many of the early pioneers of the psychedelic movement, such as Rick Danko and Robert Drexler, were instrumental in starting the movement in this country. It is very common to see artists such as Rick Danko, Bob Morley, the Roots, and Phosphorescent have featured both the musical aspects and the psychedelic aspects in some capacity. I always felt that this music played such a unique role in a way that other genres could not. The psychedelics can bring

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