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You are not likely to have to convert; there are many other religious movements that take up that lifestyle. However, belly dancing as a movement is probably more than enough for someone who has previously been interested in religion. If you have never danced before, you will probably want to be able to move freely, but your feet will probably need to be in contact with the ground to ensure you don’t fall. If you enjoy the physical activity as do a number of other people at the party, you might want to have your husband assist, or even get up on his own to show off and dance.

How will religion be affected?

As a Christian, you are likely to see people get up, sing, and dance, but this is not religious. In the U.K. they classify all forms of religious expression as something called “Christian worship,” but this is not religious behavior which is generally in the category of “spiritual activity.” In the U.S. you are supposed to “informally pray,” “informally seek an explanation or guidance for one’s beliefs from a recognized authority,” and a host of other forms of religious expression.

The idea is that everyone should have this opportunity to express themselves, without pressure of any kind. While it is a religious experience, it is not an activity you and your partner are doing to have faith in the Christian God. It is simply a celebration of life in its myriad of shapes and forms.

What do you do when you’re not dancing and it’s hot outside?

If you are married, you have a number of responsibilities, including taking care of yourself during the day. Do you ever find yourself trying to stay on top of your skin or are you always too hot and sweaty? You will want to change this and you can definitely do so! The solution is to take breaks from the heat and soak it all in on a towel, just like a beach blanket. You can also sit in your bathtub and do an ocean view.

What are some important things I should know (or forget!)?

There are a number of things we as women need to consider as we partake in belly dancing. What is a good amount of skin? Do you want to look like a beach body, or do you want the sun to be shining through your body and into the room? Are you comfortable doing the whole “pinch-my-arm and point” pose, or do you prefer to move from side to side

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