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It seems that people don’t have the slightest idea of what belly dancing is in India, though it is pretty common to hear many people discussing it even outside it. Although the dance is known by many names, the most acceptable and useful of these is the ‘Haldi’. People commonly hear it as ‘the dance of the waist’.

Belly dancing is a form of the dance known as bhoja, from the Sanskrit baheja. It is called ‘heart’ or ‘heart dance’ in Tamil, and ‘tumbak’ outside the Tamil dialects. People of the subcontinent know it also as ‘Moodaka’. The term belly dancing is taken from what sounds like ‘belly gharghana of jhumar’, the first element of ‘heart dance’.

Also, people in India are always called upon to dance around the body in various different forms. This is quite typical of the dancing cultures in places like Sri Lanka. Belly dancing is used for a variety of things in India as well. The traditional ways people dance around the belly is to put their arms around the neck, but this is not a good posture in some other cultures. People are also known to place their lower body on their thighs, which again is not a good posture. The belly dancing in many parts of the country is just that, a form of belly dancing. There are a wide range of different forms of belly dancing, the most common being ‘Yoga with the feet’, ‘Yoga with the legs’, ‘Yoga with the shoulders’ and ‘Yoga with the arms’.

Also, the word ‘belly’ comes from the word meaning ‘the navel’. It is thought to have come from this meaning. It is also thought to derive from the Sanskrit root ‘pati’, or body or body parts such as the navel, ears, throat, back, feet, etc.

The term ‘Yoga’ is thought to be related to an old Vedic method of training and developing one’s inner and outer capacities. Yoga is believed to help people in many different ways, some of which involve ‘balancing’ the body. To some India, the word ‘yoga’ may still sound like ‘Yoga with the feet”. A few countries in India use that word as their word for yoga.

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People often do their yoga together while others do a ‘balancing’ session. Sometimes a ‘balanced’ class may be followed by a ‘recovery

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