Is belly dancing from India? – Shakira Belly Dancing Techniques For Anxiety

The belly dance is thought to come from the Hindu religion.

Many believe the belly dance originated in India as a dance ritual that was adopted by the Muslim conquerors in the 7th century AD to prepare for their final campaign of conquest towards India. There have been several accounts of the dance around the Mediterranean in the 10th century, most notably by an Englishwoman named Lady Brougham who was captured by the Arabs while her husband was on a pilgrimage in India. She recounts to the Arabs, “I fell and hurt my belly.” In her diaries, Lady Brougham describes herself as an Indian who went to Egypt as a dancer during her husband’s pilgrimage.

Her account has been confirmed by several other female Western travelers who visited Egypt.

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Barefoot or in trousers?

There are very few descriptions of the dance in the classical sources. The classical sources do not seem to mention barefoot dancing, but it was not uncommon for women to go barefoot.

It is thought that a couple may have spent the night before the dance, with the couple sitting apart and each standing naked. It is thought that once the man’s wife got in her place, she would start the dance with the man, before falling on his back and covering his face, possibly because he felt more comfortable standing or kneeling on the ground. A man’s wife sometimes moved to the center and the man sat still in the dance while her husband danced behind her.

Dance of the Virgin

The woman did not just sit like a virgin. She was dressed in her finest attire. The nude and semi nudity of the dance, as in a Virgin dance, is thought to be the most ancient dance of the early Mediterranean.

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