Is belly dancing difficult to learn? – Belly Dancing Controversy

What is it like to be a beginner? The answers to these questions are the focus of this video, which showcases several lessons over twenty (23) minutes in the style of Japanese belly flute dance.

How Does Your Body Feel When You Dance?

Although this video focuses on belly dancing, many beginners will find the technique a bit difficult to master. The movement is different to classical belly dance, but it provides a solid foundation for many techniques. Many beginners do struggle to get their timing right, but many feel more comfortable when they’re able to practice it out at home to get their bearings.

How are you looking for lessons?

If you’re thinking “I don’t want to do all the steps!” then this is for you. If this is what you want in terms of learning belly dancing, then this video is what you need to start getting into. If you want the technique explained in detail then you’ll want to follow the instruction in the video and practice it with a buddy or friend (or two).

Who is Doing the Work in the Video?

It’s clear from the way the instructor walks her arms that she has a good foundation in classical belly dance. She’s not getting into every tip and trick but she is taking note of the most important aspects of movement — like the timing and timing alignment.

Are There Any Steps Left That You’d Like to Learn?

I was surprised by how quickly the instructor got into the basic body postures for all the steps in which she performed. I can say she did a great job but she could have gotten even better if she’d been able to better explain her technique and demonstrate it. One thing I was surprised about was not seeing any of the “flutes” in that video — this was probably just a production (though it’s still a cool feature).

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