Is belly dancing difficult to learn? – Belly Dance Lessons Step By Step For Beginners

Don’t worry about the size of your belly or how large and full or shallow your pelvis is. You do need to use the correct rhythm.

Have you tried belly dancing before? Have you learned from other dancers, such as my partner/co-worker?

Does your belly dance have a big dance partner who will accompany you?

Is your belly dance suitable for you?

Do you have a partner (if different from your belly dancing partner), so that you can learn as a team?

Do you make a lot of noise?

How loud should your belly dance partner be?

Are you comfortable with people coming up behind your belly dancing partner?

Are you comfortable around the people who have been on the dance floor for an hour already?

Is it fun to go up and down the dance floor?

Does it feel good? Are there any specific parts you are more comfortable with?

Has someone else done it before?

What other types of belly dance do you like to try?

What is your favorite belly dancing style?

Are you a dancer? What is it about belly dancing that makes it enjoyable?

Is it a physical movement? Something that makes you feel good?

If someone tells you that your belly dancing is difficult, do you want to just shake your head and say, “What is wrong with you?” or do you want to do the dance and give it a try?

What to do if you are having trouble going to the dance floor or in getting through a dance routine?

Can you give me a more detailed explanation of how to do what you are saying?

I didn’t really know your dance well before. Can I still learn it?

Can you teach me?

Can you practice in a more relaxed environment? Can you tell me more about how to be more comfortable in your belly dance?

Can you give more details about what kind of breathing, posture, dance steps, footwork, and other stuff it takes to do the belly dance?

I am very interested in all the techniques and strategies you mention, but at this point I just want to know what sort of work (practice, learning, working for dance recitals, classes, etc.) you do.

I would like a list of things you have said to me:

Do you teach at dance recitals?

Do you teach with groups?

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