Is belly dancing difficult to learn? – Belly Dance Lessons Kolkata

It can be difficult to learn or perform belly dancing. Some people like to learn the basics of the form from videos on Youtube. Others prefer to practice at home. Either way, there are many ways to practice belly dancing. I suggest learning some basic moves to create your own body position and then experiment with different body positions to find the style that works best for you.

How do I prepare?

Make your body stand erect in a neutral gait, do not bend and move. Begin in a basic stance, slowly walk to the bar. Slowly start bending your hips and legs. Do not start from a supine position. Continue to slowly bring your weight through your belly to the edge of the bar. Hold this position for 2-3 steps, then slowly lower back down to the starting position. You can also slowly return to a starting position on the same side.

I’ve made the mistake of bending my hips and getting too upright during my practice routine. What should I do???

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You should be aiming to keep your spine upright throughout the entire process. A bent-at-the-knees posture can lead to injury and it is also difficult to maintain throughout the whole activity. Avoid bending your hips more than is absolutely necessary and just keep your hands in a position where the weight will naturally carry you through the full workout.

If you are using a standing barbell for shoulder exercises, it would be best to keep your body upright during the whole exercise. However, if an old chair is used (as is sometimes recommended), you might find it more beneficial to aim the load slightly slightly to the side of your hips, which will allow you to keep your spine upright.

How do I practice my breathing?

Begin standing erect in a neutral manner. Place the right foot first onto the ground and begin walking away from the bar, using the left knee to counterbalance while also keeping your spine in neutral. After a very short time of walking in a forward manner, slowly begin to move backward towards the center of the motion. To continue, follow the same breath pattern as you did in the exercise, but now with one foot forward. Continue to walk in this way until your heart rate is slower. Do this for a total of 10-12 repetitions. When breathing is difficult or difficult to control, then place a towel under your right knee and lean into it, keeping the pressure on this knee for the duration of the technique.

How do I start the workout

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