Is belly dancing bad for your back?

No, it’s not, the good thing is you can do it all day while also playing video games while doing so. Now go on, do it.

For the record, I never had a problem with the sound of my belly dancing. I would dance for hours at a time, while sitting on the floor doing all sorts of activities and all the while the noise that came out of my belly would remind me of my job. You might even make a comment about how I was really working my butthole out there. I’m sure people would have enjoyed it. You can find more information about my belly dance routine here. If you’ve read this far and are still here, I’d like to sincerely ask you to keep me in your thoughts. Just click on the link bellow to continue…

Do you want to hear more belly dancing tips? Try the following:

1. Get rid of the trash bag. Yes? Well you need to clean your belly. It’s a way to relieve your mind of all the thoughts of your job.

2. Don’t forget about your stomach. Get some rest, eat and relax. And remember not to wear your shoes when you’re dancing. They’re your feet and they’re meant to keep you warm and dry during the dance. Now go on, dance around and find your feet some comfort!

3. If you’re a big fan of the belly dance, put on some music and bring along your guitar. I’m very glad you did. I’d love to hear your own interpretations of the songs that we do here on the website.
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4. Try the “shuffle move”. It’s definitely a great way of moving your leg.

5. Try making it harder for yourself. If you’re the type who likes to bounce your belly all over the place, try to do the move in front of a mirror that shows you that you are doing it. Try doing it in front of your bedroom mirror, too. Have people look in the mirror and see that you’re not as good as they expected. Get creative in your own way to try and make yourself better and more confident.

6. Don’t do it while driving. Now you know. Get out of your car while you’re in it, make sure it’s in park and don’t go near the driver’s door.

7. Make sure it’s not too hot. Remember, if you want to do these things, you have to enjoy