Is belly dancing bad for your back? – Purpose Of Belly Dancing

I was wondering that myself. As a young girl I would have loved to learn to do it, but not only because I think it’s so cute but because I don’t feel like a big deal to the other people around me, and would not feel uncomfortable. So I wasn’t going to get my hopes up at first.

But I did decide to watch the videos and go for it. If it worked I would go as far as booking an hour of dance classes.

When my mom came home from her shift (and a break for her own family) I was in hysterics. I had to go to the spa for a little while, got a massage and a few other goodies. There were a ton of other girls in my classes, and I realized I had one very lonely day of ballet, when everyone else was dancing. Not a lot of people went to dance classes but I ended up dancing with a few people and I felt so comfortable and I felt so proud.

That was a weird dream.

It’s a pretty easy story to tell, but it does not happen often. I was lucky enough to attend a dance class for a year, and was able to attend the local dancing competitions. I was able to win a contest and become a top competitor! There are some more stories…

I never wanted to dance because I’m tall and I didn’t want to dance with a boy! I wasn’t going to make “no girl” my first dance class! (Well, not until age 5.)

Well, I started dancing more for myself and to improve my skills. It took a little longer than I expected, as I’m sure it did for most people, but the transition really came and went for me really slowly. But I did enjoy it immensely.

There are so many advantages of doing dance classes you don’t see in other classes. You are learning new moves. You’ve always been into dancing and getting fit and now you’re a “serious dancer” and getting paid and meeting new people. I guess all those things combined to make me want to learn a bunch of different techniques and take dance classes. It was a lot of fun and I was able to become really good at those techniques, even though I never did as well as I would have liked to.

But my heart is still a little too big for dancing. That, and I need to be more conscious of my health. I am not good on my feet, I’m prone to

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