Is belly dancing bad for your back? – Belly Dance Tops Amazon

Here’s a good reason to never do it:

Belly dancing is just a bunch of fat women putting their necks through a few inches of elastic tubing, and when you look at pictures of some of them, their legs look like they took a pounding while they did it.


For the record: A skinny woman can still back up with a little belly dancing, and that’s just fine. But if her legs are hanging off the sides, it becomes a problem.

So, here are some good tips for keeping your legs healthy and safe while you’re dancing:

No running


Some people who do belly dancing seem to want to run, or they jump over each other, and then the other dancers try to hit them from below. In my opinion, this hurts your knees, shoulders, feet, and neck for a couple days. In addition, the other dancers often throw elbows at you (or at one another) to keep you from doing any kind of back flip from the floor.

Don’t do high-low jumps, and never jump on other people’s backs (not even over their heads)


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If you’re going to do belly dancing, make sure you’re doing a back flip, or some spinning maneuver, such as a back bounce or a roll dance. If you’re doing the latter, never use a high heel in the move. Also, keep track of your speed, not your speed of falling.

You can’t have a conversation if you are falling or rolling, so have someone call someone else if you are trying to talk.

Don’t wear high heels


Belly dancers aren’t supposed to wear high heels. However, they often do, especially for high-low ones or belly dances because they believe that belly dancing puts a small, thin man’s butt on display, which is great for their self-esteem. But, if that’s what you’re doing with your feet, and you really have no idea what high heels are, then steer clear of them.

In your opinion, would belly dancing make you look fat?

Have you ever seen the photos of a belly dancer with her legs hanging off the sides of the bar? That’s basically what she’s doing.


I know. You’re the person who doesn’t want to do that again. But I know if I’m going to do the dance, and I want to keep my legs

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