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(Quran 9:5, 8, 11)

Some Muslims, like Sheikh Shabir Ahmed, say, if a woman is going to go on a wedding or a social event where a man will be present, she should not go for that if the men are naked. This has been taken out by some of the scholars when they apply this rule in an event where the men will be in public. Some say it is permissible for the woman to go to a masjid (clothing optional area) but not to cover up during the masjid. Some also say that if a woman is going out with a man, she may not cover her body. As a general rule, however, all women should cover up at all times regardless of the men they are with.

Does wearing veils in the masjid harm the health of women?

The shar`i evidence for this is that when the women are in veils, the men notice their nakedness. The reason for this is that when the woman is in an opaque cloth, the men can not see her body. What this means is that some of the scholars have stated that wearing a covering for the eyes during the masjid does not hinder a woman’s health.

Maya Malik, the founder of JIHAS, has been quoted as saying, “A woman cannot cover herself and her whole body with a curtain.” (Taqiyyah)

Qur’an 19:4 says that men should not look at the women who cover themselves in the masjid and that men should not show the women who wear veils their nakedness.

What about ‘the people of jinn’?

Some scholars consider that if a woman is not with a jinn, it is not permissible to look at her and look at other women (al-Ikhlas). Al-Suyuti says it is not permissible to look at a jinn in front of women because it may hinder the woman from seeing the jinn.

When is a woman to cover her skin during prayer at the masjid?

According to the shar`i scholars, the answer to this question is that the woman should cover herself with a garment even if the man is not wearing any such clothing.

Maya Malik says, “The whole body, face and eyes should be covered.”

According to the Shaykh of JIHAS, the answer to this question is that a

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