Is belly dancing allowed in Islam? – Belly Dancer Mask Pattern

Yes, but only with moderation. It’s not a sin—there’s no “holy” word—and you’re not allowed to hit women who are wearing something other than their burka. There’s nothing bad or sinful about a Muslim woman’s belly dancing.


7. Who is your favorite person to dance with?! (I know, it’s a little ridiculous. Maybe we should all just stop doing it.)

8. Which famous Muslim women are not shy to dance with?

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I recently received the following question via email regarding the recent debate over the use of the “right hand” pronoun. It is quite instructive for those unfamiliar with some of the facts, that this particular question was posed to several prominent professors of gender and sexuality at the University of Texas in Austin. The full list is available here, but in the meantime I summarize and clarify a few points. I believe I provide the best answers possible, but feel free to correct me at any of my other comments as well.

The original request was from a gender and sexuality student with a question related to whether transgender people are entitled to the same right as the rest of us to be referred to as female simply because we feel comfortable using both our male and female pronouns (e.g., “I prefer to be addressed as a female, rather than as a male”).

As a response, the University of Texas provided the following response:

As a University of Texas professor, it is my obligation to offer students the opportunity to explore their own internalized homophobia/transphobia, and to explore our own opinions and opinions about those experiences. I feel these questions are best addressed through an opportunity for open discussion.

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At the same time, I would also note that the university has a history of requiring certain speakers be pre-approved by the Dean of Students in advance for all campus events. This requires that students who want to take on a controversial lecture should, on the off chance that some of the information they present on the course may be controversial or controversial by University standards, be able to offer a pre-approved list of pre-approved speakers — without which, this course would not proceed.

The Dean of Students’ office also provides a list of speakers for this course, with links to each speaker’s biography, and then provides this disclaimer at the bottom of each page, which is embedded below: “You can reach me by email at doug

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