How many calories do u burn Twerking?

In Twerk, all we need is twerk (which is a dance) & a twerkpad (for the dance moves on the twerkpad) & some time.

You have your twerkpad/s

We have two twerkpads. They cost $14/month. (Not a typo. We call them “Twerkpads”). You can purchase them at You are welcome to get them for free.

Does your Twerk app allow me to set a date/time to be on the Twerk?

The Twerk app only allows twerking in the app after a set time has passed. (Usually about 1pm)

Do you offer Twerking classes?

Yes, we have dancing classes for males & females!

If you are a regular reader of this blog please know I really enjoy reading a variety of fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, science fiction, and comic books, as well as audiobooks and graphic novels that I find to be really interesting. The two I have subscribed to the most in recent memory are the new The Dresden Files and the rerun of the excellent Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.

That said, I am always very curious if there is an author out there who has been left unexplored in the realm of fantasy. For obvious reasons the author could be an author we are familiar with, or they could be something new and perhaps we are not so familiar with them with respect to a particular genre.
6 Things I Learned about Nutrition for Professional Belly Dancers

The answer to this question has been provided by an author who you may not be familiar with; author and illustrator Jeff Salyards (The Dresden Files). Jeff is a very talented author and artist who has recently been writing a series of graphic novels entitled Dark Matters. The art style is unique and at times very beautiful with shades of the dark grey that you might associate with the genre. I will be previewing this series in a future post. I can’t wait!

The story of Dark Matter is set in a world where the inhabitants’ most powerful sorcerers, and also those with unusual abilities, all appear as the victims of a devastating attack. The characters have the ability to alter reality, but this ability causes each individual to have a unique set of attributes that make them stand out in their surroundings. With the exception of one group, the individuals who have a unique characteristic are called Dark Matter. Dark Matter is very