How many calories do u burn Twerking? – Shakira El Masri

Here’s some numbers to help shed some light on this. Since calories burn through metabolism, not through sweating (unless you are on a very low-calorie diet), you need 1.8 g of fat for every kcal you burn from Twerk.

Now how do you burn these calories if I’m Twerking? Well, you could just stand in the middle of a crowded street, twerk in every direction, which requires a lot more calories, or you could take the most sensible of all paths. I chose “the sensible path”: I walk.

Now, it’s true that you might spend more time sitting in your chair twerking, as all that fat will have to be burned off somehow. The calories burned will be, in the context of what you are trying to burn, the same, but your time will be much shorter, and it’s up to you to decide what sort of time you would like to spend doing it.

The interesting thing to remember is that calories, per pound of body weight, burn more during your Twerk than during normal dancing—even if this is less fun than usual.

What does Twerk burn calories on?

Here are six sources of energy your Twerk will use (in lbs per second, or WPM):

Muscle Twerk: ~4 WPM

Moody Twerking: ~7 WPM

Running Twerk: ~15 WPM

Walk/run (in which energy is expended walking and hopping around) ~12 WPM

The first two categories are what you typically find on a gym. In case you aren’t familiar with Twerk, here’s a quick summary. You are essentially twerking against your body in order to work out your muscles and to increase the level of energy you burn. In all likelihood, these three categories of energy usage are what you burn most of the time:

The “warm up,” before Twerking

The “wetdown,” after Twerking

And even this third category can get quite large: A brisk walk can use up about 16 to 19 WPM of your fat. And once you’re Twerking and moving enough to be sweating, you’re probably starting to get fatigued, and, on your Twerk, you’re going to need to expend more energy to maintain momentum.

So you’ll find yourself doing a lot more standing on the ground twerking, and

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