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In this game, u can perform a number of basic Twerking moves that we call Twerking Moves to earn Twerking Points. You can Twerk while playing a match or the arcade game. The amount of calories you burn is determined by how many Twerking Moves u did while playing. The more time you spend dancing, the higher the amount of calories u can Twerk, which will grant you a bonus point or Twerking Points, as outlined in the following table:

Twerking Moves Calories per Twerking Move Time (seconds) Total Calories Burned in Twerking Moves Total Number of Twerking Moves (Including Twerk) Calories Burned Total Score (Points)

Achievements :

1 Twerk to earn 100 points

2 Twerk to earn 200 points

3 Twerk to earn 300 points

4 Twerk to earn 500 points

Achieve: 2 Twerk Points.


As you might notice, the level of Twerking is also dependent upon how many Twerking Moves u performed. The amount of Calories expended through Twerking is inversely proportional to the number of Twerking Moves u performed. So for instance, a more efficient Twerk requires less Calories compared to the amount of Time u spent on Twerking.

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We are continually developing this game and we constantly are improving it. We have added and changed many parts of the game since launch, we have made lots of improvements to the physics of the game and how the game is played.

With time, we will be adding new features, we now have the ability to add and alter the difficulty level of the game; the game will be more challenging! Please stay tuned!

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