How do you twerk? – Belly Dancing Controversy

I think we’re all supposed to twerk. Some people try it and some people don’t. That’s kind of a new thing for me. I don’t know if I’m weird, though. I am, in a sense. But not that weird.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

It was a woman in Germany at a dance hall in the middle of nowhere. She’s like my age, and I’m not too sure what she was doing. I’m a big girl, and I don’t know anybody that’s really into dancing, but she was dancing. She had this really short skirt, and she looked like that was an important part of her performance, and she wanted to see everyone else’s faces as they moved through the dance hall because it was going to be a really long night. So I had to go to see what was happening. And I found this person there.

A guy, probably in his twenties, about three foot seven, but big, with this big, round head and a long hair. I was like, who is this? And then she was so nice, and she said, you know, I’m not really into dancing. I have this piece she did called “In the Air Tonight,” about five minutes, and then I had to go home and watch it. But now it’s the best advice she’s ever given me.

Where do you see yourself in two years?

I’ve been trying to keep up with what’s happening, but I don’t want to keep up too late. I’d like to be able to say that, you know, “I moved to New York, I had no idea what I was doing,” or “I didn’t know what I was doing until I moved here.” So, it’s like we had been through that already, and we got through that already. But I’m excited to be back home. I love being back home because this place is really nice and so close to all my friends.

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