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: A dancer with an acrobatic move that involves the flapping of the hands and a rapid and rhythmic flow from one limb to another in very rapid time. These types of twerks involve the arm or arm/arm dance that moves both up and down in a specific manner and time. There are various styles and styles of twerks such as high kicks, low kicks, arm and arm dance, arm/hand dance , high kick dance, etc. It’s also called double kick dance and twig dance or kick twerk dance. In the United States the dance is known as twirl, twirl, twirl.

: A dance in which a person twirls in a rapid sequence with his legs up and then around and back to the same leg. It has similar rhythmic properties to the swing of the arm. It is an ancient and powerful cultural art and is used, if not explicitly, in religious ceremonies. It comes from Europe in Renaissance times.

The name was given to this dance because early settlers would twirl their arms around a pole to demonstrate movement in nature. The name twirl is a play on the word twister, which was one of the earliest languages on earth.

Twerk (pl.)

Also called “twirled,” “mashed,” or “twittered,” a twirling and jerking motion that occurs in rhythmically repeated bursts up to 10 or more times. Often accompanied by a “high kick.” Twerk is believed to have originated in Germany and the United States. This is based on the English word, “twee” (pronounced “toe”), which means “twirling,” and the French word, “twist” (pronounced “tush”). Originally, dancers would spin on a pole in front of a crowd of spectators. They would twirl, and then jerk, and repeat. When used in dance, twerks are not a dance that you want to do during the day. When done at night or during a party, twerks can make a very interesting and dance-orientated dance. As the name suggests, an individual will twirl in various manners. Sometimes with a slight twirl motion where the arms or body are held in the air until motion stops. There may be a rhythmic swaying or whirling motion of the arms at the beginning and the end. Other times they keep arms and legs in the air for time and just make jerking motions.

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