How do you twerk? – Beginner Belly Dance Lessons

How does twerk work?

How do you twerk?

What should I twerk for?

So you twerk.

What should I twerk?

You should dance around in circles

A lot. I think the twerk move is a great way to spread happiness, joy and light in this world.


How do I twerk?

Why it works is because you have to find a rhythm and stick with it and do it, while doing it you will become more comfortable, like a muscle!

Do you dance around in circles?


What should I twerk for?

The one thing that a girl needs to know.

The twerk is like dancing a lot of different angles. You want to dance around and see if you can twerk. Then you want to twerk around

to get that dance move.

What should I twerk for?

The twerk will give you energy and help you relax.

How do you twerk?

Do it slowly and enjoy yourself.

What should I twerk for?

Dance all around and see if you can twerk.

How do I twerk?

To twerk, first you have to find a rhythm. Then you have more energy and more space to twerk.

Is it too hard?

Do not worry; just do it!

What should I twerk for?

Do not forget about dancing!

Why is it great?

It gives you pleasure.

Is it too difficult?

Yes it is!

What do I do if I get bored?

Just do it as much as you can while continuing twerk.

Why is it great?

When you twerk you will get more and more confidence and your body will become stronger.

What is a good way to twerk?

You have to twerk slowly. And remember that the closer you are standing to the girl the more twerk you can do.

Should I twerk?

If you want to twerk to get a good amount of energy or your body has gotten tired, then twerk for a few min. Don’t rush it because it is best to get some practice in before you twerk for real.

How do I twerk?

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