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The Twerk Challenge, sponsored by the nonprofit group, Twerk for Peace, challenges people to twerk through 30 minutes of choreographed exercise or a 30-minute dance class without any clothes on.

“Some people go topless,” says Twerk Club founder and executive director Tracey Schreemann. “Others can’t even twerk.”

The program, which started at the New York City Public Library and now takes place at 15 Twerk Clubs nationwide, is a fun way to connect with others – whether they’re twerking along for free to a tune from the hit music album by DJ D-Block or enjoying a free live twerk in front of a small crowd at the World Famous Twerk Show.

In New York City, members of the Twerk Club can dance without underwear.

Twerking also is a part of the annual WOW Fest, a free, all-ages arts and craft fest taking place in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. There’s a free twerk class there as well as the event’s signature dance, the Twerk-Dance, held on Friday, Dec. 6.

The WOW Fest is a nonprofit music festival held in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, every December. Since it opened in 2007, the event has created “a cultural juggernaut where dance, music, poetry and art are all intertwined to promote a community that celebrates the dance of youth in the hipster, New York City neighborhood,” organizers write.

Twerk For Peace founder and executive director Tracey Schreemann thinks it’s a shame some performers are taking off-the-shoulder dances and twerking through a clothing barrier. “There’s a lot of twerkers who go topless and it’s a shame they’re not able to make dancers uncomfortable,” she says.

With only eight hours left of the Twerk Challenge, Schreemann says there are fewer and fewer opportunities to get twerking done.

But she says the challenge has provided a great way to meet new people in various social situations. When you do it, she says, you get a lot more people who want to dance.

“It’s a way to show a young person that just because they’re 18 no one should ever tell them they can’t do something,” she says.

Schreemann says while the challenge is one way to do things that aren’t always available, she believes it has helped people develop creative, social, and

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