How do you pop and lock your hips? – Belly Dancing Top Plus Size

The movement you’re creating is called an up-lift and is very similar to your regular down-lift.

The problem is, since your hips are not on line they cannot lock the hips and create the motion. That’s because the hip is attached to the spine via a ligament called the psoas muscle. But once you stop moving your hips the psoas muscle will remain flexed.

The good news is that if you stretch the psoas muscle (through stretching the adductors and glutes) you can get the psoas muscle to be fully engaged and ready to go for hip up motion.

There are three exercises that you need to do.

First is your normal down-lift, which is the classic up-lift. The second is your up-stretch. The third is to pop your hips back.

Your back extension and hip extension (hip hinge) are each different muscles that you must do. So in order to do the hip extension we need to stretch and strengthen certain muscles in the back. In order to do the back extension we stretch and strengthen the lower back muscles. I’ll explain exactly what those muscles are shortly. If you have your own specific exercises to do that’s ok. And if the rest of this stuff is confusing read this.

Now that you have the mechanics of hip extension done, let’s move on.

What does it look like when you go up and down on your bar?

Well you can see that the bar is about halfway into the movement and you have a decent amount of weight on it. The movement becomes a little faster and more explosive.

There is a small amount of hip bend at the hips, which is often called a “butt curl”

You can also see that the bar moves out of your hands and then up off of your shoulders, which is done to help stabilize the spine while keeping the hips higher than your chest.

Once you get your arms around the bar you do your back extension

Hip extension

The body does not have a “back” because it always has a “front” to it.

Since everyone’s back has a different starting point, the hip “rotation” of a person is different. If you want to know what “front to front” looks like just take a look at the picture below. All of your shoulders and forearms are pointing in the same direction on camera.


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