How do you move your hips?

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There is something about being able to move your hips that is so effective. If you’re sitting at something and you have good hip mobility, it’s just a matter of controlling the rotation, but if you don’t have that, if you’re not moving your hips, your arms will follow, your legs, and your back will follow.

The way we really control our hip mobility is with the trunk. So the trunk of the leg is our hip. The leg will always follow the arm. If your arms follow or your legs follow, then you’re not moving your hips, you’re just going in a straight line.

You have a choice, in order to be able to maintain those tight muscles, how you’re able to use your hips to stabilize yourself is by using either external rotation or internal rotation. That internal rotation you use is the technique that allows you to use full hip mobility, to use all five of the different hip extensors to effectively control your rotation. That’s how you can stabilize your spine so you can walk and get around the world.

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“Gotham” is an exploitable photograph depicting a silhouette in a photo montage, in the form of a series of frames showing several characters from the Batman TV series who have been rendered in different expressions.


In November 2010, an image of the original Gotham cover with the original title page, the top and the bottom of the top page, and the top and the bottom of the bottom page were posted to the 4chan image board. On December 5th, 2010, Redditor r/BatmanFan submitted the image in a thread titled “It’s time the movie was adapted into a video game” to the /r/funny subreddit. Within 24 hours, the post received more than 8,500 up votes and 1,100 comments.

The next day on December 6th, Redditor r/BatmanFan submitted the image in a post titled “It’s time the movie was made into a animated short” to the /r/animated subreddit. On December 7th, Redditor r/geekygardener submitted the image to the /