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Bent over the squat

Crouch stance

Standing with your leg lifted off the floor, pull your leg back down towards your hips (shrug your hips) – you could also do it while sitting.

Push your leg forwards as you lower back to your starting position.

If this seems a bit difficult I recommend a few videos.

The first is The Kettlebell Squat. The second is the Kettlebell Lateral Drop Squat but this is far easier for me to do correctly.

Once you get the hang of it it will be even easier.

To get a sense of how a kettlebell exercise like this is similar to a regular lift (ie. using weight) see our Lift Video article.

You can also click here for a video demonstration of a Kettlebell Squat.

The Kettlebell Flexor Exercise.

How to perform The Kettlebell Flexor Exercise?

Lie on your back on a straight bench, with your knees bent between your thighs.

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With your arms outstretched, grab either one of your kettlebells with your right arm. You can also do this with both your arms.

Start the movement by gripping your arms out to the sides and then slowly bringing your body back towards the bench.

As you return, pause your head at the bottom position of the movement.

I’ll leave you to try the video below to see, if this works.

I find that for this exercise you need to start on a level surface and then gently lower your body back to a starting position.

Keep a straight back. Don’t raise your shoulders and don’t lean back.

The Kettlebell Flexor Exercise can be used as a warm up in between kettlebell lifts for the same reason the Barbell Lateral Drop Squat and Kettlebell Squat are good warm up exercises for the Squats.

The Kettlebell Flexor exercise, also known as the “flexor plate exercise” can be used to improve your flexibility, flexibility of your quadriceps and glutes, and balance on one leg.

It is best used on a level surface, without a partner.

If you have already tried it, how’d it go?

What’s your response?

Do you find it difficult to get used to the exercise because it isn’t that easy?

Please comment below and comment below if

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