How do you move your hips like a belly dancer?

How do you move your hips like a belly dancer so that you’re doing this? You just do this thing, okay. You just do this. So, this is one of my favourite body moves. I love doing this, just a few seconds and you’ll see that I’m doing this so good, and I’m just bouncing from toe to toe.” Then I say it and this is what she heard:

“Yes. I feel a little funny. It’s kind of like being in the middle of the dance floor.”


“And this is where the belly dancer movement comes. So your hips have to move so much, so your pelvis is moving so much. It’s all the way down to the hips. So when you really like this dance, you find that by just doing these movements that you go really deeply down into the body. So you begin to move so deep down, you can just feel it, you can feel the stretch, you can just get into the right position. And that’s something you can actually do with anybody. When you’re feeling in a good body position, the body doesn’t want to move.”
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A lot of people don’t know this, but when you do this belly dancer move, it’s called a lunge. Do you have a question about that?

Well, it’s not, actually. In this case the name is kind of misleading, because belly dancers don’t do any kind of lunge. Most of them do some kind of forward lunge, which is called a body lunge or a jump lunge or a body kick. So the body lunge would be a forward thrusting motion. It’s the body moving forwards from the knees, right through to the belly.

When it comes to that type of body lunge, the belly dancer’s body starts as this really strong horizontal line of motion. Your hips start moving downwards, from your thighs up towards your shoulders. And from your shoulders to the elbows, so your pelvis starts to move a little bit down, but your entire body remains vertical. So you have to move your hips upward. So that’s kind of the belly dancer movement. When they do a body kick, their hips are a little bit lower, they move horizontally, and they start their body to lift back.

And that’s the start, that’s the initial movement. And you can get a sense of how your stomach moves because they just keep shifting up and up