How do you do a two step?

The two step method is one step for the eyes and one step for the body. In order to achieve the best results with this, it is best to have eyes and one body and perform this. The eyes need a bit of time to adjust for the different amount of light and focus, but once they do, we are all set.

How do you do a one step?

The one step method is simply to take one step into the center of the object by placing the body just behind it. While focusing your eyes you will want to keep the focus off of the surface of the object itself (while looking at something like a beach, or the moon) and at the object itself, and keep on your face as you focus. Then focus on the area in front of you, and when you do this, the eye should stay just behind you for a while. When you see that there is a pattern to the background it is time to put the head out of the way and go around the object. This may feel weird at first and may take some practice (don’t worry it will become second nature as you practice). When you are finished you should see a pattern to the horizon but not a whole line, so that you can just take out your eye and focus on the horizon. Be patient, there is no hurry while getting the first one step. Now you can move on and apply the second technique in the following picture.

One step of the eyes as you look at the beach.

Where do you perform it?

Here at the beach, the most natural and simplest way to do this is by stepping out of your vehicle or into a walkway and looking as you walk. Keep on the same side of the object as you will be stepping out of the vehicle. When you step out, use the right side of the body as your camera so you can look into the distance and take your two step. Take a small break while you are taking your two step and then come back to the object. Once you are sure you are set you can move back to just looking down the road and using your new one step technique.

With the two step method of photography, if doing this with you vehicle is too dangerous or you see a lot of light, using the one step technique at that moment will not work and is a waste of time. Using a tripod and focusing up in the sky is still a great way to take a nice photo, as you are keeping your eyes fixed