How do you do a two step? – Silk Veils Belly Dance

The first step is a short run, either on the road or in a park. The purpose of a short run is to give the runner a chance to do several simple things: make a short circuit to the gym, run some simple hill work, and get some nutrition for the run.

If I had to pick the most important “step” to achieving a goal, I would pick this:

Run to work every day.

The reason I’m asking you to run to work every day would be to maximize my workout. When I make sure to walk or bike up to the start line, I know I’ll be doing some form of training that will provide me with a huge benefit over my days off. I’m only running to get enough calories to fuel my workouts once a week.

What would it look like?

1. Running is my favorite activity that I’ll do after I’ve finished my work.

2. I’ll do my best to run every time I’m at work. This might mean going up to the top of the hill to make it longer, or starting in some other place.

3. I’ll be using my car to take me to work so I’m not running around. I’ll take the bus if there’s a train running at high speed, and if there’s not a train in sight, I’ll just continue to run.

How often do you do two step workouts?

I’m looking for a weekly ratio of 6-8 of these workouts per week.

What do I need to do?

I’m looking for a minimum of 3 runs per week, at a speed or altitude you can sustain without collapsing. 3 runs each week and you’ll be good to go. At these speeds, you shouldn’t feel like you even need to be lifting.

You must still be hitting your workout volume, but you’ll see more mileage come after each of these workouts.

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