How do you do a two step? – Belly Dancing Controversy

How do you know there needs to be another step?

Well I don’t have the answer for you…but I do have a little theory

One part of your job, while you work out your body and what you need to work on, is to put yourself into the mindset of having a second opinion and having someone else look at your process and ask you the same thing.

So there’s the two step. You do a test, measure, and then you make a decision.

For the guys, who want to stay fit, this is not that hard.

You don’t have to be a medical doctor, but I do find that a bit more challenging since the sport is pretty demanding and the amount of time that I take can be very significant.

I would say more challenging for guys in the gym since they do get more attention so that is always the reason I don’t work out in the gym since it takes more of my attention, as a matter of fact I just finished a workout the other day and I was not able to get it done, it was very hard for sure.

You do a test, measure, and then you make a decision.

So we are in the middle of our training camp in San Jose and I get some positive results from the test that I did on Saturday.

So with all the new stuff coming around to the sport we are getting a lot better when it comes to nutrition and eating healthy.

I am looking for things that I will know I can have a positive impact on and those are things that I am going to be doing, and it is a big part of the training.

I have been testing my diet more and more as we get closer to the season and now I am trying to make sure I am doing that in the way that is right and best for my body. At this point in time I probably am eating about four times a week with a focus on being in the gym and that I am eating more protein and lower fat.

So yeah now I am more mindful of what is on the menu and I am making sure that I am eating healthy in general so we can all play well together on the soccer field.

We are looking on the field and going into the training and that is where I get to the meat and potatoes of it.

The meat and potatoes are nutrition and eating healthy overall.

One more question before we move on.

When we

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